Winemaking at Château Les Grauzils has been a family affair for some time and particulary a love affair. Since 1880, four generations have continued to bring their care to the vineyards planted by their forefathers to create their characteristic red wines in the traditional way.


The Château Les Grauzils is situated within the commune of Prayssac, in the middle of the Cahors appellation zone, on the right banks of the river Lot. The vineyards stretch mostly over the commune of Prayssac (28,5Ha) a 3,5Ha plot at Les Garennes in the commune of Anglars Juillac.
Well exposed, (South-South-West) sheltered by the surrounding hills, it benefits from particulary favourable climatic conditions.


The vines are planted on the second and third level terraces which creep up from the river towards the town of Prayssac.
The soil is composed of gravel: alluvial soil made up of sand, shingle and pebbles which, in french, is where the name Les Grauzils originates.


The main grape used in the Cahors appellation is the Auxerrois, also known as the Côt or Malbec. It is the Auxerrois that gives Cahors wine it's intense colour and it's characteristic tannin. It makes up 75% of the vineyards, or 25 hectares.
The Merlot grape gives the wine it's particular bouquet and roundness : 22% or 7 hectares.
The Tannat, a Madiran grape which is extremely tannic, contributes to the acidity of the wine and makes it more apt for ageing: 3% or 1ha.


The density of the plants is 4000 to 5000 per hectare.
All the vineyards are cultivated using the 'enherbage permanent' technique. This technique has several advantages :
It helps to prevent soil erosion, controls the production resulting in a better quality harvest.

The battle against different diseases (mildew, oïdom) or insects depends on the extent of the problem so that the use of cheminals is minimised.

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