It was in February 1988 that a group of professionals made up of wine growers, negociators and foie gras and truffle producers in the Lot, got together to create the Cahors Wine and Food museum to promote the quality and prestige of their produce. And so the "Collège de la Chantrerie" was born.

The first thing the association did in Spring 1988 was to acquire a collection dedicated to the traditions of agricultural life.

In November 1988, members of the association acquired one of the most prestigious monuments in the old quarter of Cahors, the Chantrerie, or Chapter's cellar, at the time completely abandoned.

Classed as an historic monument, the building became the object of a restoration and refurbishment programme spread over 3 years. The setting up and opening to the public of the museum was planned for June 1992. This patronage of a cultural programme by farmers aimed to give the Quercy region a lively and productive museum.

Château Eugénie

Château La Caminade

Château Les Grauzils

Château Lamartine

Château Paillas

Château Pineraie

Albi Workers' Glass Factory

Chateau St Didier Parnac

Ets Pebeyre - Truffes

Banque Populaire
du Quercy et de l'Agenais

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